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The History of Metal Fabrication: A&G Price's Story

Updated: May 6

Since its founding in 1868, A&G Price has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of metal fabrication. Two pioneering brothers, Alfred and George Price, laid the foundation for a legacy that continues to redefine the landscape of heavy engineering. Here's an exploration of A&G Price's rich history and its revolutionary contributions to metal fabrication.

Pioneering the Industry

In its early years, A&G Price was a hotbed for innovation. Engineers and technicians, driven by curiosity and ambition, continually experimented with new ways to shape metal. The relentless pursuit of excellence led to the development of some of today's standard metalworking techniques, including casting, welding, and machining. This fearless approach to innovation marked A&G Price as true trailblazers in the industry.

Expansion and Technological Advancement

The dawn of the 20th century brought new horizons for A&G Price. The company broadened its reach, opening new facilities in New Zealand and Australia. It didn't stop at geographical expansion; A&G Price also led the way in technological investment. The integration of lasers and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) not only revolutionised their own manufacturing processes but set new standards for the entire metal fabrication industry.

A Global Leader in Metal Fabrication

Today, A&G Price stands as a global authority in metal fabrication. Nestled in Thames, New Zealand, the company's state-of-the-art facility employs over 500 talented engineers and technicians. A&G Price's prowess extends to a multitude of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction, and they continue to deliver complex metal components to the highest quality standards.

A Lasting Legacy

A&G Price is more than just a leading heavy engineering company. It's a story of relentless innovation, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to quality. The company is unwavering in its dedication to providing the highest quality metal components, continually seeking new ways to enhance fabrication capabilities.

The legacy of Alfred and George Price lives on, not just in the name of the company but in its ethos and achievements. A&G Price's history is a testament to the transformative power of innovation and the enduring importance of quality craftsmanship.


The story of A&G Price is a remarkable chapter in the history of metal fabrication. From humble beginnings to global leadership, A&G Price's journey mirrors the evolution of an entire industry. As pioneers in metalworking techniques and advocates for technological advancements, they have shaped the future of fabrication. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation continues to inspire and drive the industry forward. A&G Price's 150-year legacy is a rich tapestry woven with excellence, and it continues to be a guiding light in the field of metal fabrication.

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