Supreme Court Building – Wellington

Hailed as the largest piece of art ever commissioned in New Zealand, the 88,000kg bronze screen surrounding Wellington’s new Supreme Court building is the latest innovation from A&G Price.
Made of 99.9% New Zealand-sourced materials, the screen is designed to last 100 years – a lasting legacy provided by A&G Price.Comprising 17,000 individual cast components, 2,200 hand-crafted glass flowers and 9.5 kilometres of customised bronze section, the screen presented many challenges to the A&G Price team. Formed into 8 metre high panels, the screen was delivered within an extremely narrow window to coincide with the construction of the building. A&G Price employed the services of companies A W Fraser, who cast the bronze section; R H Freeman, who measured, cut, bent and dressed the 4500 individual lengths; and Laser Sheetmetals, who assembled and welded the subsections.

Military Components

A&G Price has a long-standing arrangement with Singapore-based manufacturer Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (STK) to supply high-tech military components for their articulated armoured personnel carriers. A&G Price designed and built an articulated hydraulic steering coupling, supplies sprocket carriers, idler wheels, and manufactures backing plates from high-grade ballistic steel.
A&G Price’s attention to detail has resulted in a Quality Award from the Singapore Government, and has ensured ongoing trading relationships with STK.

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Rail Components – Australia

A&G Price is currently manufacturing high-tech railway brake castings for Australian manufacturer Downer EDI Rail for the massive PPP Project in Sydney. Comprising 624 train carriages, the project is due for completion in 2013.
We have manufactured 6-tonne, one-piece cast steel six-wheel bogies, and matching bolsters for Avtec and Southern Short Haul.
Cast to exacting standards and machined to high tolerances, A&G Price undertakes a rigorous Quality Assurance plan to check every item before shipment to the assembly plant in China.

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Kiln Shell – New Caledonia

In response to a request from New Caledonian nickel mining company Societe’ le Nickel (SLN), A&G Price built a special kiln shell and transported it to site on the Pacific island.
Made from 60mm and 20mm thick boiler plate, Creusabro wear plate and stainless steels, the 60 tonne shell required specialised welding techniques, all which were pre-approved by SLN’s engineers. Measuring 17.5 metres long and 4 metres in diameter, the shell has 10 start helical spirals welded in position. The shell was transported in sections, with final assembly in New Caledonia going without a hitch due to the tight tolerances achieved by A&G Price’s fabricators.

Gearbox Components – Australia

Working closely with West Australian gear manufacturer Hofmann Engineering, the staff at A&G Price manufacture precision gearbox components to exacting standards. Used primarily in gigantic rope shovels and draglines in mines around the world, the gearbox parts must meet high criteria regarding chemistry, hardness, tensile strength and casting integrity. A&G Price also machine these components in our heavy machine shop, relieving delivery pressure for Hofmann Engineering.